I’m Kate Johnson and I’m a freshman here at CU. I’m originally from the Bay Area in California so I’m a little ways away from home. I’ve played soccer since I was five or six and played up until my senior year in high school. I skied ever since I was that same age, but I switched to snowboarding a couple years ago (it’s not as easy as people make it look). I’m undecided with my major, but I’ve found a great interest in communications and advertising, which is nice because they go well together so I won’t have a hard time choosing what I want to do. Although this is a little different route from communications, I hope to explore real estate at some point throughout my college career or after because I’ve grown an interest in that as well.

I’m really into photography; I’ve been taking pictures since I was in middle school and I’ve found a new passion for taking pictures whenever I see the opportunity arise. I took AP Photography 2-D Design my senior year in high school so I’ve had the opportunity to really explore what my medium is in photography and what I aspire to focus on. I have a Flickr account where you can check out the majority of the photographs I’ve taken throughout the past few years. This is why I chose photojournalism as my theme because I have a true appreciation for  the perfect image. I feel that I tend to observe and analyze photographs more than the average day person would, so I know that being able to comment about photographs taken for current issues is going to be really engaging. For decades the most successful way to grab a readers’ attention is through the lens of a photojournalist. Photographs can have the largest impact on societies and cultures all around the world; an article can grab attention more successfully with an image rather than text if it’s a strong and vivid photograph.


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