The Boston Marathon Bombing: Falsified Photograph

Photograph taken by Charles Apple

Photograph taken by Charles Apple

While many are flustered by the unexpected bombings at the Boston Marathon, held Monday April 15th, news outlets instantly fled to the scene to capture the gory images of the unfortunate who were injured. The photograph was posted on multiple news sources, such as The Daily News and The New York Post. Although The New York Post was looked down upon for inaccurate reporting, The Daily News was criticized as well for touching up this photograph above and reporting it without the grisly image. As you can see above, the left picture is the raw image of the event, with a lady’s lower leg injured from the impact of the bombing, while the image on the right is touched-up so there’s nothing gory showing. To view more photographs from the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the potential suspects, click here.

Many news sources were faced with ethical and journalistic dilemmas while reporting photographs from this event. In order to show the true events that occurred on this day, photojournalists had to capture images of those who were impacted by the bombings. Sources such as The Daily News had trouble deciding whether showing the true images to the public were too gruesome and inappropriate to report, so they decided to touch up the photograph, showing no gory injury at all. However, this backfired on them because they broke one of the most valued principles of journalism: to tell the truth. The Daily News, along with all other news outlets trying to report the story, faced the dilemma of telling the truth, but The Daily News chose not to. This created many repercussions for their reputation because they’ve lost a great amount of credibility and have to gain it back slowly over time. For more information on this image and the story behind it, you can view it here.


2 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon Bombing: Falsified Photograph

  1. This is really interesting because we talk about this all the time for journalism, and they have clearly broken one of the rules and they got caught. There is so much going around about the massacre and all the conspiracies going around, stuff like this just makes it all worse.

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