Sports Photojournalism

Photograph taken by Jose Carlos Fajardo

Photograph taken by Jose Carlos Fajardo

Sports photographs are like snowflakes – no single photograph is the same as another. When it comes to sports photography, there’s no joking around. This type of photojournalism is unique in ways such that it’s all about catching the action, it’s a nonstop photographing event, and best of all, sports photography captures the most memorable pictures. Not only this, but there is a continuous array of images that can be captured within sports. These photographers are always on their feet running from one end of the court or field to the next, capturing various angles and compositions of the event, which ultimately creates the range of photographs that appear the next day in the newspapers from various sources.

Photographers who become lucky enough to shoot events such as MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL Football, and so on are some of the more recognized photographers in the realm of photojournalism. The most recent NFL Super Bowl XLVII is a perfect representation of the photographs that were taken by sports photojournalists. You can view images of the Super Bowl here. As you can see in the first photograph, the player is surround by multiple companies filming the same player at different angles as well, which is how multiple companies are successful because they’re all able to capture their own photograph from a different view. Because each company is able to create their own twist on a single event, photojournalists are constantly on the move, from event to event, capturing images that last forever.


One thought on “Sports Photojournalism

  1. This is the first post I’ve read of yours, and I really enjoyed it! You opened up with a great analogy about sports photojournalism resembling a snowflake. That statement is something that will stick in my head whenever I review sports photojournalism. Keep up the good work with your writing and comparisons!

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