Michael Ainsworth

Residents Attempt to Evacuate New Orleans

This post this week is about the famous photojournalist Michael Ainsworth; he was born in Houston, Texas and is known specifically for sports and thunder storms photography. He ‘s known as the “Thunder Boy” and is one of the most reliable sources around, which is why his photographs have been featured in many large magazines and news outlets such as The Dallas Morning News, The Newsweek, The National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated. Ainsworth has won many awards for Picture of the Year; he was recently awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for the photographs he captured of Hurricane Katrina, which you can view here.

Some of the most important traits a photojournalist must possess are: attempt to strive for the truth, be able to capture compelling images, and take risks. Michael Ainsworth has achieved all of these traits; he has become such an important icon in the photojournalism world today because of his dedication and reliability in this field of work, which are the two most important traits one should possess to become successful in this business. Especially with the direction journalism is headed in today, it’s crucial that a photojournalist creates enormous amounts of credibility with the public to remain a trusted source of information.


One thought on “Michael Ainsworth

  1. Photojournalism is the path that I hope to pursue, and I really like how you made this post both a bibliography style, and also a fact based style in relation to the class. Its true that photojournalism is just as important as the written work. I’ve always been told that if you don’t have a good shot to go along with the story, the power is gone. Love this post! I’m inspired to learn more about Michael Ainsworth.

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