Wedding Photojournalism


I’ve come to realize that there are various types of photojournalism out in the world so I chose to focus on wedding photojournalism for this week’s post. This type of photojournalism has been popular throughout the past couple of decades mostly for trendy magazines that include highlights of celebratory weddings. It takes on an interesting twist with the way photographers go about shooting weddings; their task is to focus more on capturing the emotions and passion of what’s in front of them rather than just facts about what’s seen in the photograph. For instance in this photograph above has a deeper meaning behind what’s being portrayed here, but the photographer has successfully captured the perfect look on her face as she’s walking up behind the one she’s about to spend the rest of her life with. The photographer also uses the skill of only showing her in focus, automatically telling the audience that she’s the central idea of the picture. However, there’s just enough blur for the audience to see that he’s waiting for her, yet he has no idea that she’s coming up behind him. This photographer was able to capture two completely different emotions in one photograph, which I think is highly impressive.

The biggest difference, however, is that a wedding photojournalist’s job is to capture a series of events and create a story through photographs throughout the evening’s adventures. Although some may believe otherwise, this is indeed a difficult job because these photographers have to strive to capture multiple perfect images throughout a longer period of time. Some photojournalists only wait until they get their shot at a scene and they’re done whereas these photographers aren’t able to leave an event, in fear of risking not capturing multiple perfect shots. Daniel Stark has a great online gallery of photographs of weddings he’s shot; they’re definitely worth taking a look at.


One thought on “Wedding Photojournalism

  1. I loved that you chose wedding photojournalism for your post this week. I really like this post because I for one love everything about weddings and I definently agree that the photography that takes place at weddings is very important. Weddng photojournalism seems different than other types of photography because we always hear that ones wedding is this big and special day and every moment of it should be captured. I agree that photography in weddings is supposed to capture every important moment and the photographer is basically creating a story of the whole event behind the camera.

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