Photojournalism, in my opinion, is the most successful tactic at getting a reader’s attention. While one may just be scanning through the National Geographic and a graphic or vivid image of a lion waiting to hung its prey down comes across a page, there’s almost no way a reader is going to ignore that image. Photojournalists have to travel deep into the heart of the story to capture the perfect image that says it all. For example the picture of this rhinoceros captures the entire text of the story into one image. Sure it may be a graphic and difficult photograph for some readers to take in, but it shows the cruel, true fact that animals are being severely injured for parts of their body. Photojournalists allow society to vividly see photographs that tell the truth. Journalists who dive in and dig deep to find their story are successful as well, but there’s nothing truer than a photograph.

To view more about this poaching, you can visit http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/03/rhino-wars/gwin-text.


4 thoughts on “Poaching

  1. Yeah I am! I took photography classes in high school and I posted my Flickr account in the About Me section where the majority of my pictures are. Not too sure about photojournalism as something I want to pursue yet, but it’s definitely an interest of mine.

  2. Great first topic. Iv’e always have been an advocate of animal abuse, and the picture definitely depicts what exactly is going on out there. I like the way you want to get the truth out, good stuff.

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